Friday, April 28, 2006

Two Things I Am Definitely Not (yet)

must be nice. yeah, must be nice. being rich. or old.
same thing, really, in my town. when people are driving, anyway.

seems that rich people tend to take their time when they drive.
should i turn when the light turns green or should i wait a while,
while everyone in range gawks in awe at my sweet ride?
i don't have anywhere to go. my money's working for me.
i've got time to crawl around the streets at an ungodly,
insufficient pace.

seems that old people tend to take their time when they drive.
should i turn or should i admire the intersection's geometric beauty?
a question everyone's asked themselves at some point, yeah? even
if for a mili-second. or a nanosecond but that could be a bit too
technical. or not. i like the use of the dash ("-") as well as other
strange writing (typing, really) quirks i've picked up, so, bear with it...

seems no one in either group is in a hurry to go anywhere.

might be a bit harsh but the underlying fact remains...
in my town, you don't want to get caught on the road behind
the rich. or the old.

they're both here - and we need them both... i'm just sayin'.
i wish i had their patience.
and i can't wait to be one of them.
preferably the latter, i think.

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