Thursday, February 22, 2007

Audio vs. Video :: Which Wins?

My guess is most people will automatically assume the 'winner' in this contest. Well, if you put your chips on the big "V" - sorry to say... House wins. "A" all the way.

Audio is still the ultimate medium to convey any important issue. Or any issue, for that matter. Actually, it's really just so much more portable and applicable than video... sound is awesome.

Recently, I had a few of me best mates at mine after a great dinner at the Mint Cafe downtown. Instead of flicking on the tube we conversed and listened to some tunes ... courtesy of my beautiful new laptop, thank you very much.

It was pretty cool. Something about listening to a song as opposed to watching a video. With a song, your mind is able to make up its own visuals for the sound and music it's hearing... with a video, it's spoonfed - the visual has already been decided by someone(s)...

Proof positive is my audience right now. If I was simply watching the tube (and nothing wrong with that), I'm not sure both of the felines that share my living space would be chillin' out with me. I think they enjoy the audio over both the audio and the video (a.k.a. the Television).

I've no scientific evidence to back that up but I'm still convinced.

There's always that conversation about whatever happened 3, 4, 8, X years ago and no one's sure exactly what happened - but everyone can verify that they can place the exact song that they'd heard when it happened.

And there's something about hearing a song for the first time... or hearing an old song after a long time... that just beats the pants off watching something.


Go find an old CD, record, tape, whatever... Pop it in and give it a good listen.

You won't be disappointed

Saturday, February 10, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different

Warning :: Do NOT listen to Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand while reading this.

My last post, I realize, was a bit on the harsh side of things. Then I realized, alot of my latest posts have been me wingein' about this or that. While I stand by everything written here - and will continue to randomly vent on issues that sour my milk - I don't want this space to become nothing more than my soapbox to air ills...

So I figured I'd start off here with a few 'uplifting' topics of interest. Nothing so exciting in regards to the general public, I'll admit. But at least I'm not bitchin' and moanin' about something. Be thankful for that. F'Christ, I am.

First up - and I have no idea how many items I'll touch on - is the topic of what was supposed to be the focus of the previous post... My new laptop. It arrived on Monday afternoon and I haven't gotten it entirely broken in but so far - it's been awesome...

Re-entering passwords, accepting Liscence Agreements, and dealing with the imbedded product onslaught is, admittedly, a bit of a pain.

(yeah... bit of a winge there)

Being able to write this post, have a window open showing the live scoring of my Fantasy Hockey game, and watch the Atlanta @ Vancouver game (via the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast, no less) all at the same time? Well, it's well worth the minor hassles. I can say that with certainty.

Aside from the added hassle of having to listen to and watch Kelly Hrudey during intermission... not... a big fan.

These laptops, though, are phenomenal... That's what I'm saying. Gotta figure out how to get the audio output into my stereo receiver next. But - top marks all around for the laptop and the wireless era in general. Sweet stuff...


The wicker basket of globules and baubels of positivity sits here at my ankles. Time is no accomplice in getting each recognized, however. In haste, a few notes I will publish. All the while, ditch this odd sentence structure and ridiculous vocabulary.

My Napster is friggin' awesome! I wish sometimes, everyone could be hearing the songs that I'm hearing. It'd be ridiculous.

And then add the songs other people tell me about. And listen to those ones, too.

I'd be happy. 'Cuz it'd be a bunch of the songs I dig... and a few pretty good tunes that people suggest... but I think people would (should) like them. If they don't, that's okay... but Opera won't live forever.

All I know is I've got a pretty decent resource here.

I wish I had an evil twin.

Unwarning :: You may now listen to Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand at your leisure.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Knew It.

right. this is gonna be short 'n sour...

well, we'll see ? how short. those that know me know I tend to go a little long. but i'll try to keep it concise.

this new Google blogger hosting sucks cock. Yep. It definitely does.

I'm willing to overlook the fact that I was absolutely, undeniably railroaded into accepting the 'takeover' of Blogspot by Google. I'm fine with that. I fully regret it at this moment... but I'm fine with that. I'm a programmer by trade and I know certain things just need to happen. However, I don't understand why applications revert. Why would a function be removed after a so-called 'upgrade'?

Don't disable options that I've had up to this point!! Especially when it's not your company to begin with! You used your power to overtake a smaller company that did the job better. And screwed it up. How is that good business? The Google name will forever be tarnished in my mind. Wake up, friggin' morons...

No longer can I represent any other verbal characters outside of the 26 simple letters that make up the - what? American alphabet? Fuckin' 'ell...

All of my previously displayed characters from outside 'American alphabet' characters have been absolutely mauled in this conversion process. This, after one of the conversion screens assured me that 'all previous blogs will be unaffected' (i paraphrase)...

Excuse me!? If the stuff I had posted 19 minutes ago looks different from what it looks like now, after I've 'upgraded' ?? Screw that... Horrible programming. You can't even support standard ASCII code keys in your conversion.


That's it.

Fuck everyone else that actually has a different alphabet than 'us'... who needs 'em?

So, please forgive me if there are unintelligible or non-sensical characters on this page. They used to be perfectly readable. Until the geniuses at Google took over.

Yeah. I'll take all the snide remarks about how to use those characters - and, 'give them a chance', and, 'don't you have anything else to be bitchin' about'...

But think about it. Google fucked up. Plain and simple. It should have been seemless... and it was anything but.

p.s. the original title to this post was 'always go with your first instinct' - which was to not upgrade... but i had to change it after finishing this post.