Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Have Craving, Will Travel.

Tonight was one of those nights when things made sense. It wasn't any religious epiphany or mind-altering, cultural persuasion. It was conversation and the knowing of what had to be done.

It was about time to travel.

My Velkomin til Íslands bit will continue... it will.
(Peace out! pog & road; true this!)

Getting back to my current jones :: I realized, tonight, how much I miss traveling. All the strange encounters and uncertain moments. Good and bad. The unexpected events that inevitably define a trip, a voyage, a stay in X-land. It's all of the things that aren't preconceived that are the most enjoyable in any trip. Anyone who's traveled knows the feeling. Anyone who hasn't, should.

After work this evening, I joined my boss and a co-worker at the local right around the corner from our office buliding. A shit-hole of a place prior to about a year ago - until a couple of lads from Ireland took hold and put her right. Miles away. A fine pub that serves a swell pint of Guinness, now, she is.

Tonight, after a few fine pints later, we're on our way. Before scooting home for the night, I chat a bit with my boss - who, it so happens, has been one of my travel partners in all of my past ventures. This is where the smoldering coals erupt into a giant travel flame!

We recount episodes from Budapest (the bridge/hill incedent; the Fescek dinner; the cafe), extoll the uniqueness of our stories (have you ever gotten your camera confiscated at a nightclub in Helsingborg, Sweden?), and pine for futher days abroad... and soon.

Now, I'm fired up. If it isn't this fall, it'll be November. Catastrophe? We're talking spring 2007... but that's as far as I'm willing to go. I'm serious.

It's strange but I feel the compulsion to go somewhere else. I can't explain it - and I don't wish to try... I just accept it and do what I can to accomodate.

It's the end of July. In ten months' time, I hope to have been somewhere. Someplace I've never been before. You? You should venture to do the same.


pog mo thoin said...

I am on the opposite end of the spectrum to you Guiness as I have been posting for the last couple of days but I remember that wanderlust that got me going in the first place-sometimes I still get a whiff of it.

emetic sage said...

It's the end of July. In ten month's time, I hope you've posted another entry.

Viszlát Sjáumst said...

pog / from reading your latest travel posts, i can understand your frustrations and "no thanks" attitude - but you have to admit; it was great fun getting there! here's hoping you'll recapture that positive spirit again...

sage / you're a clever one. don't let anyone tell you any different.