Friday, November 17, 2006

'Twas a Fine Evening...

Tonight was one of those cool nights that comes along from now and then. I don't mean cool in the sense of the weather. Far from it. Fucking sucks out, right now.

As for 16 November in New England - it was hot ! Sunt'in like, close to 70... Fahrenheit... Degrees... In downtown Boston?! Whaaaat? Way too warm for me, thanks... Uncalled for, in my opinion. I should,at least, be able to wear a sweater without worrying about my balls sweating.

I wasn't wearing a sweater tonight. I'm just putting the claim in, now. Fucking, 16 November and I don't need a jacket? Fuck you, ice age. How I got stuck in this period... nevermind. Curse you, autonomous, geothermic cycles !!

The cool bit has to do with everything despite the weather.

Earlier this fall, a couple of me finest mates and I invested in a 10-game ticket pak for the Bruins. It's my team - and I'm stickin' with 'em. Tonight we were at the game (#2 of 10) to watch them take on division peers Toronto. A right dust up, yeah. Just ask the loads of folks from Toronto that were there...

After the B's managed to escape with a shoot-out win over the Caps in D.C. last night, hopes of stretching the streak to three (the first being a sweet 4-3 W over Ottawa last Sat. night) were limited at best, I would say.

Nonetheless, the Bruins grabbed one (Kessel - (PP) 14:09 Boyes, Mara) early in the first and then tightened things down for the next 26 minutes, or so. You could argue, 40, as they carried their strong defensive stance half way through the third.

A suspect Holding call on Marc Savard more than half way through the third gave the Leafs a power play that they were able to exploit in under 5 seconds. Three seconds into their PP, McCabe pushed one in (McCabe - (PP) 13:18 Wellwood) to tie it, right off a face off in our zone.

Something felt different, though. There wasn't any immediate sense of doom. It wasn't like the collapse we had witnessed two weeks ago - when we were at 'the game'. Yeah, the game the B's were up 4-1 with about eight minutes remaining in the third ... and lost in an overtime shoot-out. Yep. We were at that game. Game #1 of our 10 game pak. Brilliant. This is what we're in for...

No. Overtime came as an ill-advised but, yet, not unwelcome guest. There's always hope in overtime. There's always hope in a hockey game. At least when the score's this close, that is. Overtime guarantees you that. Underlying rule in hockey (and all sports, for that matter in these instances) - last score wins.

And sure enough - our good patience was rewarded. L'enfant de la ville du Québec - Monsieur Patrice Bergeron - pots one; 34 seconds into the extra period... Bruins win. Job done. It was awesome.

So, my mates and I are jazzed up with the win and head for some sweet nachos and a couple post-game, craft brews at a local establishment. Discussion of the game and state of the B's prevails. It's fantastic. Eight more to go...

Okay - Hockey Talk over. Next best thing of the night is the random CD playing in my car on the way home. Drop me mate off to pick up his ride and I'm on my way home. With an old mix-CD I made, back when downloading was free and you could find any and everything.

My drive soundtrack was tremendous ::

> Michael Jackson - Beat It
> Avril Levigne - Sk8ter Boy
> Russian National Anthem - Red Army Choir
> Metro - Berlin

Yep. That was it. Pretty much the perfect soundtrack to a perfect night.

Seems odd, at first glance, I'm sure. Trust me... after the game - and where this CD came from - perfeck. In fact, I just loaded this up, now. Give me something to listen to while I finish this post.

Once I'm home, I gotta feed the kitties. Not that they really need it but... Anyway, the 'dinner' goes into the bowl and the creatures feast. Odd, that I have small mammals living in my dwelling with me... can barely keep meself alive.

Here are a few quick pics of dinner ::

So, there's the last of this fine evening... I feed the small mammals living in my shelter and get to entering this post. All is well. Takk fyrir komuna (thanks for coming)...

(thanks much to Andy's Icelandic Assistant site - which is where the above link takes you. Check it out if you're interested in some Icelandic... I'm fascinated with it, currently, and doing everything I can to learn. Thanks Andy.)


March to the Sea said...


I got a 5 game pack for the Prov B's...3 rows from the ice..great stuff.

Maria Alva said...

Hey, I didn't know about the Andy Icelandic site. I'm going to pass the link on to some of our older students at the International School of Iceland where I teach. You have officially become part of Icelandic society...a link in the chain of learning and life on the lava rock.

Viszlát Sjáumst said...

takk takk, Maria...