Monday, January 28, 2008

Bon Hiver

What a weekend.

It's dead winter and I've had a phenomenal weekend. Everyone's always complaining about winter in Massachusetts... I say, "It is what you make of it."

Not sure if I've ever, technically, said that - but I do know that's been my theory ever since I was small. The winter season is beautiful and therapeutic. The idea of your entire existance being blanketed with layers and layers of snow is fantastic.

Every winter, snow comes to New England. Every winter, people complain. Every spring, why would you be anywhere else?

No idea.

One of the cool/exciting things I did over the weekend was visit an Open House. It's an old 'colonial' about 100 years old with the inside refurbished. The interior is all new - doors, windows, bathroom, kitchen, floors, etc. Detached two-story garage. Very nice.

Much to my surprise, I'm throwing an offer out on the place. Kind of surprising but it looks in such good condition, I have to do it.

It's only the 3d or 5th house I've looked at... but it's got alot going for it. Now, I just have to find someone who'll lend me a few bucks and I'm on my way.

Should be interesting. I'm well prepared for it not happening. In fact, that's just about what I'm expecting. That's fine. It's a great opportunity to get things rolling and start learning the process. On the other hand, if it works out I'll be pretty happy. At least until the roof caves in...