Monday, April 07, 2008

Home Fries

Jeez - reading back on that last post, makes it feel like a year. Apparently, it was about a month... somewheres in that vicinity, anyway.

It's about a month later and everything looks lined up. A couple stubborn hurdles to pass over but nothing (positive thoughts) insurmountable. Down the home stretch I go.

You hear a lot about how stressful the process of buying a house is. Some people take it and multiply it - so it's more stressful than it needs to be. Some people underestimate it and assume it'll be easy. Word to the wise - "They're all different. And each will drive you crazy."

That's what I can say I've learned to this point. Nothing makes sense. Everything is done backwards... It's mayhem! The Real Estate market is - fucked up - !

Seriously. It's well messed up.

Too much weird shit has happened within the last month that there's no way to doco it all here. They're stories worth telling, though. So. I guess. Beware?

One other thing before signing off - I just saw something on the news that led me to believe that Patrice Bergeron would be ready for the first round of the playoffs. This is a huge development, as he's been out since late October with a severe concussion.

I wonder if it's an organization pushing a player too hard for their own gain. Think about it. Bergeron's a Quebec native. The series opens Thursday with two games in Montreal (game 2 Saturday). That's a boost the Bruins could use - having gone 0-8 against the Habs in the regular season, without Bergie.

We'll see. It's probably a lot of over-thought and over-analyzation but it stands to mention : Let's see how much Patrice Bergeron produces in the playoffs; and let's see how much punishment he takes.

Don't get me wrong - I'd have nothing more than the Bs upsetting the Habs in round one... but, realistically, I don't see it happening. Montreal is too fast and skilled to lose to the Bruins in a seven game series.

I have to go with the Canadiens in five games. Gods be pleased, I'm wrong.

Let's Go Bruins!

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March to the Sea said...

i am with you..hopeful for sure. Not too sure if it was wise to roll bergeron yet..dunno..and if they lose in 4-5 games..whats the point?