Tuesday, October 14, 2008

La Saison Glorieuse

What's your favorite time of year?

Let me point out, if you didn't say right now - you're wrong! Totally wrong. Winter, Spring, and Summer have their moments. And probably in that order... but Autumn is where it's all at.

Wait a minute. This all sounds waaay too familiar, donut?

Sure enough... after a quick search through the archives it's confirmed. Here's part of what was posted here a year ago just about to the day :

"Going back to the best month of the year - I can't get enough of the beautiful days and cool nights. Perfect for sleeping with the windows cracked. The Halloween decorations that rival the Christmas decorations fill me with delight. The mere act of driving down a tree-lined street, outlined in the gold, yellow, brown, and red leaves that punctuate the season... jack-o-lanterns... witches, ghosts, monsters, and ghouls... nothing beats it. Nothing."

Looking back and reading that again, not much has changed. The only changes I think I'd make are - 1> I can't quite sleep with the windows cracked, as I have no window screens and I'm not sure the windows would stay open and -2> The Halloween decorations have not only rivaled but surpassed the Christmas decorations as my favorite.

That's it. That and the rest is still the truth.

This past holiday weekend was phenomenal. The perfect advocate for this time of year. Clear, blue skies. Mild temperatures. Stunning backgrounds of foliage turning with the season. Defy me.

So, after popping out on Friday afternoon and seeing the magnificent colors, I decided to spend some time with the camera. I got a few hours in on Saturday and here's a sample. The colors aren't as vibrant as they were in person - but that's my fault, not using the camera to its full potential. In any case ::

This first one is the maple tree in my back yard.

The Maple Tree

It's huge and is perfectly positioned (just about) to shade the majority of the back yard in summertime.

A few more of this fabulous tree. Anyone want to come help me rake its leaves? Forget it - this one I took from underneath with my back against the trunk.

The Maple Tree 2

A couple to try and show some color.

The Maple Tree 3

The Maple Tree 4

Don't mind the playset. That's going away next year. A few more from another angle and time of day.

The Maple Tree 5

The Maple Tree 6

I've got some other photos from this set that I'll put up. Hope you enjoy these for now...

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March to the Sea said...

raked leaves all weekend..its nice..but over rated sometimes too! hahaha