Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hmmm, I Wonder...

>> I wonder... if there's a better three second sensation in the world than returning to a warm, flannel-lined bed in the early, winter morning hours after a brief vacation from it for - whatever.

>> I wonder... if there's a definitive human gene which contributes to, or is entirely responsible for, greed.

>> I wonder... if reading truly is fundamental.

>> I wonder... if the scent of even our most foul-smelling flatulence is somehow more tolerable to ourselves than it is to others due to some biological or physiological phenomenon. Does our mind recognize the self-produced scent through microscopic signatures, thus rendering it less offensive? Or is it simply a cognitive response - in that we're aware of the offense, thus diffusing our own natural reaction or repulsion?

>> I wonder... how many of you were totally grossed out by that last 'wonder' - and how many have the same curiosity.

>> I wonder... if Mrs. Sippy wore a new jersey, what did Della wear?

>> I wonder... if the general culture in Europe dictates that tipping for restaurant/bar service is minimal, if not non-existent, what effect does heavy travel by Americans (and other similar tipping cultures) have on that culture? Will a café server in Milan be fine with no tip from a fellow Milanese, yet expect some tip from an American? At some point, will tourism change the tipping policy in such places? Is that fair? Or is tourism too small to have an impact? No idea... Thus, I wonder.

>> I wonder... how much better off the world would be today if Joe Strummer was still alive.

>> I wonder... "I waah waah waah waah wonder... Why... You went away!"

>> I wonder... , going back to a theme, if there's a definitive human gene which contributes to, or is responsible for, laziness.

>> I wonder... whether people are ever going to get past the unwarranted, misinformed, and completely hypocritical view of marijuana use in this country or not. The decriminalization law went into effect in Massachusetts, what, a full month ago? And you're telling me that none of those apocalyptic predictions have yet to even simmer to the surface? Shocking. The paranoia is unbelievable. It's ridiculous... It's so ridiculous, I've come up with an instant proverb for the occasion :

"a cornerstone of fear is the first brick to ruin." -me

>> I wonder... if that self-ascribed proverb might not be some variation of another, more succinct and elegant, ancient proverb. I don't want to rip anybody off. Credit due an' all... but I think it's fairly original.

>> I wonder... if Sir Arthur Guinness's decision to negotiate a 9000 year lease - yes, nine-thousand years - on the St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin, at a rate of £45 per year was shrewd business or, as a non-Guinness drinking mate recently said, hubris?

>> I wonder... 'whether will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark'.


Dottie said...

.. i can think of better but it lasts more than 3 seconds

.. good question... it's all too rampant!

.. yes!

.. is it related to the "i can only change my own kids' diapers" phenomenon?

.. most

.. i don't know I'll ask her

.. tipping??? don't get me started.. the american way is ridiculous.. increase the prices, pay 'em better wages, and screw the tips! there - no mystery.. and an end to the night drunk math! done!!

.. better

.. i wonder... which song lyrics?

.. agree... and i wonder if that arse who sold that photo of michael phelps is pleased with himself.. asshole! .. and kudos on your proverb.

..9000?? even the irish can't be THAT optimistic while sober ;)

.. there is! but some ass sold his photo to a british tabloid and thanks to anti-marijuana nonsense.. it hit the fan.. dommage!

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