Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kitty Presents

Gotta love waking up on a Sunday morning and finding a 'surprise' left by your pet. In this case, my cat Spinny.

It's amazing to me that of all the potential landing spots for these lovely gifts, they're more often than not delivered on the carpet. For reference, there's only one room in my entire house that has carpet.

Not on the shiny, washable hardwood floor. Not on the easily cleanable ceramic tile. Nope. Right on the dang carpet.

Warning! These photos may be disturbing to viewers that don't have pets.

Notice how close she was to the hardwood floor. Strategic puking, indeed :

A couple close-ups, first the food :

Then the hair slug :

Nice, eh. Then I was treated to this gem later that evening :

I wonder if she's taking up cartography and was having a go at Africa? She'll need to work on it, though - not sure what that little island (Iceland, maybe?) is doing there...

She's a good kitty, though, so it's hard to get upset with her... it's just part and parcel of living with our four-legged friends. Seriously, how could you get upset with this face?


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March to the Sea said...

did my cat move over to your place for a few hours. Sheeshus..a 6x6 rug in the whole house..and what to the hit???!!