Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Settling In

the sandwich (sandwiches - if i'm being frank), was delicious.
thank you for asking.

ingredients? soon enough.
here's a hint :: horseradish mustard may have been involved.

So, here's the deal - and perhaps this is why I'm at such
a stalemate against what to record next... one of my mates
introduced me to his blog recently. He'd been keeping it for
a few months. I had no idea.

I had come across blogs before and was intrigued by the idea.
I enjoyed his quite a bit and it got me interested in publishing
my own. However, I've quickly learned that it's tough to come
up with poignant topics each day.

This is probably more for my recollection than anything you'd
give a crap about - but i'm curious to see what develops and i
need to remember why i did this in the first place. So, this
space will probably suck for a while. So be it.

But I'm hoping it's a short while. The point is to keep with it.
Get better. In the mean time, I'll continue posting bollocks
while I find my groove...

probably something along the lines of a chilled out entertainer vibe.

With some drum and bass shit mixed in.

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