Thursday, June 01, 2006

Game on.

First, a small confession. I haven't been watching too much of the NHL playoffs this season. I watched a ton of games during the regular season on the Center Ice package (best $130.00 I've ever spent) - but after taking the Cup in my fantasy hockey league and baseball season starting up, it's been a bit anti-climactic for me. Especially with the sorry state my Bruins are in. Here's hoping Chiarelli brings some life to the Bs. "F" Jacobs.

That said, the Sox are off tonight and there's a Game 7 between Buffalo and Carolina on OLN. Perfect opportunity to jump back in the game. So, I did. And I am lovin' it. And something tells me the Sox are going to take a back seat during the Cup Finals.

You'll often hear hockey fans, and even sports people in general, proclaim, "There's nothing like playoff hockey." No more veritable words have ever been spewed forth by man nor beast. Especially in a Game 7.

With the series on the line - and a shot at the championship in the balance - players display phenomenal physical stamina and feats of athleticism you wouldn't imagine possible.. The energy is unbelievable. Anything is possible in a Game 7. Every player on the roster has a chance to be the hero. The player that will succeed at just the right moment to propel his team into the next round... or, better yet, to Stanley Cup Champions.

It's too much to explain here (and besides, i've got the game paused during the second intermission - with Buffalo leading 2-1, on the road, after a goal with only 4.7 seconds left in the period - and i'm jonesin' to return to it) but - believe me... if you like sport and don't think you're a fan of hockey - the Stanley Cup Finals begin Monday night with the winner of tonight's tilt hosting the Cinderella Edmonton Oilers (eighth and lowest seed in the West).

Do yourself a favor. Watch it. Watch some of it. You won't believe your eyes. Just watch one period and you'll see for yourself why hockey is, plain and simple, the best game in the world.

Now, if you'll excuse me.... Game on.


March to the Sea said...

what a game last night..if games like that don't get fans I am not sure what else they can do. (well besides putting it on "free tv" like NBC)!

Viszlát Sjáumst said...

I suck - I forgot I had agreed to go bowling and i missed game1 of the finals! I heard about it this morning and was devastated when I heard Roloson is out for the series... You know something had to happen - Edmonton has been mowing through the tournament... I'm on board for game2 Wed. night, though! (i think games 3 and 4 - or 4 and 5 - will be on NBC)

Go Oil !!

Nobby Burton said...

well said, you old slag. the skill, the finesse, the speed, the beautiful brutality. no other sport compares to hockey.