Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Post With No Apparent Focus

It's not hard to believe that I'm rarely at a loss for words. The frequency of my posts does not accurately reflect the number of ridiculous ideas I hold in my skull-encrusted mass of neurological tissue. It's a matter of logistics. I'm priming for the upgraded system this summer... a tale for another twilight.

The point here is that I'm experiencing overload.

o I just watched a Stanley Cup game 2 that was a 5-0 shutout - but
I'm optomistic Edmonton can come back at home and tie the
series at 2 a piece.

o I'm not sure if this Raconteurs album is great or just good.

o I just noticed that only the letters 'T' and 'I' have begun every
sentence, so far.

o Thank you for taking the time to verify. (5 'I's and 2 'T's, yeah?
and yet another 'T', here... that's 5 and 3 but who's counting?)

o Obviously, I am.

o I terribly miss traveling. Probably the single-most jones I've
got, right now. I need to go somewhere. If not Prague this
fall, why not Iceland this winter?

o Cooking is good. More cooking needs to happen at The Inn.

o How much would maid service be, saaaaay... twice a month?

o I need someone to explain to me the fascination with celebrity.
What the fuck is so special about these people? I'm lost.

o A good cup of coffee can make a bad day tolerable.

o A great cup of coffee (ohhh, like - homemade espresso one
of me mates makes) can make that same day worthwhile.

o I love The Dome.

That's about all I can muster at this point. There's plenty more but I run the risk of telling too much. Not true. It's just too late.

Good Night.


March to the Sea said...

o EDM may win at home but I think its the year of CAR. The cool part is the coach is from the town next to me, so I might see the cup once in my life!.

o Its good..coming to Providence in Sept and I'll be there

o Okay

o i wasn't counting.

o I don't care for it much..but I'd love to see Iceland

o Cooking is fun its the clean up that sucks.

o x2 a month..100?

o I agree but for most its a train wreck you HAVE to look.

o make mine decaf...too much caffene makes me irritable.

o I love The Dome - someday perhaps he will let me see it first person.

pog mo thoin said...

Right on regarding the coffee thing and the celebrity thing. I am actually pissed off that I know when these wastes of oxygen do anything like have babies or get married. Who the hell cares? I do like it though when they start getting fat.