Friday, August 25, 2006

Dean's Dream

(edited to add post title and link)

It's been a while.

It's been quite the while, actually.

Me Guinness For Strength was on its last ring of foam. You know, the one next to the last one in the pint. That's where she was. And if you've never enjoyed a Guinness, through. From ring through sweetening ring. Then you may not know how close it was to the end. Shame on ye fer that.

But, not-so-needless to say, it was close. Until a few things happened.

There are probably two major things and one minor, random thing that lead me to create this post tonight. Sorry, three major things. One being the idea that I want to do this. I enjoy the written word. And I told myself early on in this travesty of a blog that I'd stick to it. That aside, two major things. And one minor. Thing.

The first of the majors (outside of my obvious) has to do with me mate, The Emetic Sage. I read his stuff and I'm amazed. The short pieces are to the point and easily digestable... the longer pieces are gourmet meals, meant to be savored and enjoyed at pace. It's a fun blog to read and I enjoy checking in each day. Everything is well researched and written and there is a sense of refined-ness, as I make up a word.

How this pertains to my situation has become clear to me. I don't mean to sound like I'm blowing The E.S. here... but I must reiterate, he was the inspiration for me to start my own blog. So, there's some connection. What I realized, however, is that I'm not the Sage. I found myself trying to come up with the ultimate post - every time. And it was crippling. And I think the pressure got to me a bit. I just gotta write whatever...

The next major influence, I'll admit, is tough to recall right now. I think it has something to do with the fact that my last post was three bloody weeks ago! That could be it. Who knows?

Forget that. The fun part is the minor, random thing that kicked my proverbial arse into gear. The catylist, if you will.

It was a song I used to listen to in High School. Then randomly after that.

I came across it tonight in my collection and gave it a go round. It still holds its punch to this day and it brings me back to another time. As I sang along, I realized that you all need to hear this awesome tune. And that was the third (or fourth) reason why I hopped on the keyboard this eve.

Now, the bad news. I have a Napster account and they added a new feature where I could post a link to a song and you all could give it a listen. Albeit in a separate "Napster" window - but listen nonethesame. Up to three times, I guess.

That's not the bad news. The bad news is, that link isn't working on the Napster right now. Yes, The Napster. It's killing me... So, I'm going to keep an eye out and as soon as possible, get a link up. They better not shut that option down!

Oh. The song? If you're adventurous and want to find it on your own, here it is ::

> The Dead Milkmen
>> Dean's Dream

I didn't want to do this - but I've found the lyrics... nah, we'll see who reads this, first. Can't resist, here are a few...

(sneak preview :

We got in a tan van
Us two in the back
With Steve McGarrett
From Hawaii-Five-O
At the steering wheel
Speeding away we slide into a
Parking lot
And all in slow motion
These tough guys appear....


I like. Dziekuje. Viszlát.

Okay - I've managed to get the link working. 'Cuz that's just how V-Grease rocks it. Enjoy the soothing stylings of the Milkmen...

SHIT.. not working. Bloody hell...

Give this a shot. I think you need to register but you can listen to all sorts of tunes for free.. I guess that's the deal; I have an account so I can't tell how it works for non-subscribers. If someone could report back, that'd be pissah...

The Dead Milkmen - Dean's Dream


pog mo thoin said...

Nice to have you back! You were missed! I was excited to see your "just watered" on my link list. Lovely Guinness imagery - I think you are a very good writer!

emetic sage said...


hey, thanks, you knob-licker. i always thought you were mildly indifferent to my blog.

yeah, just be viszlat, no pressure. just post more.

Viszlát Sjáumst said...

pog/ thanks for the welcome - and the complement! much appreciated. i'm curious, where do you get that application that automatically flags when someone's blog is updated? i know i need a few more links on there - but, when i do, i'd like to add that to them.

Sage/ My name is Viszlát. You can call me Steve! Dziekuje!

No, i quite enjoy your blog... i just try to keep the praise to a hushed mumble - you know, to keep your head from flying too far into the clouds.

i will try, my son... i will try.

March to the Sea said...

dead of the better bands from the mid/late 80's. Big Lizard in My Backyard is still one of my favorite cds.

Viszlát Sjáumst said...

March/ i'm thrilled to see someone out there has an appreciation for the Milkmen.

Big Lizard is a phenomenal album, through and through.

Perhaps perfect fodder for FDF...