Friday, September 08, 2006

Repetitiveness n'est pas Entitlement

There's this old guy. Well - older guy that seems to hit the Dunkin Donuts at some point in the morning. Gets his stuff... then sits in his vehicle, presumably finishes his stuff, and then reads the newspaper. Apparently, the whole fucking thing. Top Headline to final Hyundai offering.

I've seen him there on multi-occasions. Weekdays. Weekends. Weekwhatevers. No worries. Until this morning.

It's a busy enough parking lot, especially with the quick nature of the business. So, you want to see things work out right - quick, efficient, & unabrasive. In and out. Make room for the next junkie.

Why, oh why, would you then take your vehicle and park it right over those freshly painted PARK HERE lines that are, fairly, de rigeur of all parking lots we solicit? How can you not see these demarcations and - maybe because your car is so much cooler than everyone else's - take over two parking spaces with such poor parking? Or, according to you, advantageous parking. Douche.

They paint slots... so, use the slots!

I don't care if you've been comin' there a day - or a month's worth of Sundays. Fuck. Me. Get your stupid Toyota Rav4, or whatever that thing is, the fuck out of the way. No way in hell that thing is wider than a parking slot! Prove it, Numb-Nuts. Or straighten it out. Douche.

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pog mo thoin said...

You are right! And the other thing about parking that bothers me is when people parallel park and they don't leave enough space for another car, even when there is space left, because they can't inch up 2 more inches.