Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Smaht'n Up !

Here's the deal... I enjoy a Large Turbo Ice of varied flavour from Dunkin Donuts on a somewhat recurrent schedule. Enough to pick up on certain... patterns, I guess I'll say.

There's this one guy in my town that has a handicap plate, or placard for the rear-view, or something. Basically, it's his ticket to douche-dom.

Before you're all over me for insensitvity, and that, hear me out.

This guy can walk, as far as I can tell, perfectly well. He's the guy that tells you his medical history while in line for a coffee... and then sits down and does Find-A-Word puzzles for hours on end.

And this is all while his car - adorned with the aforementioned 'golden key' - sits idle in the only handicap parking spot in the entire lot.

While plenty of parking spots remain free.

I just think - how's a guy with a handicap issue car assisting any other handicap patrons, if his car is parked in the lone handicap spot in the lot while he sits inside and does Find-A-Word puzzles for hours on end?

Your answer? He's not.

He is not assisting anyone. Aside from himself.

Awwww... this is killin' me. Okay. I'm ready.

Hey. Handicapusurper... Get a clue.

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pog mo thoin said...

I hate this type ... but I am distracted by the turbo Ice DD in varying flavors. I miss it so much.