Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Knew It.

right. this is gonna be short 'n sour...

well, we'll see ? how short. those that know me know I tend to go a little long. but i'll try to keep it concise.

this new Google blogger hosting sucks cock. Yep. It definitely does.

I'm willing to overlook the fact that I was absolutely, undeniably railroaded into accepting the 'takeover' of Blogspot by Google. I'm fine with that. I fully regret it at this moment... but I'm fine with that. I'm a programmer by trade and I know certain things just need to happen. However, I don't understand why applications revert. Why would a function be removed after a so-called 'upgrade'?

Don't disable options that I've had up to this point!! Especially when it's not your company to begin with! You used your power to overtake a smaller company that did the job better. And screwed it up. How is that good business? The Google name will forever be tarnished in my mind. Wake up, friggin' morons...

No longer can I represent any other verbal characters outside of the 26 simple letters that make up the - what? American alphabet? Fuckin' 'ell...

All of my previously displayed characters from outside 'American alphabet' characters have been absolutely mauled in this conversion process. This, after one of the conversion screens assured me that 'all previous blogs will be unaffected' (i paraphrase)...

Excuse me!? If the stuff I had posted 19 minutes ago looks different from what it looks like now, after I've 'upgraded' ?? Screw that... Horrible programming. You can't even support standard ASCII code keys in your conversion.


That's it.

Fuck everyone else that actually has a different alphabet than 'us'... who needs 'em?

So, please forgive me if there are unintelligible or non-sensical characters on this page. They used to be perfectly readable. Until the geniuses at Google took over.

Yeah. I'll take all the snide remarks about how to use those characters - and, 'give them a chance', and, 'don't you have anything else to be bitchin' about'...

But think about it. Google fucked up. Plain and simple. It should have been seemless... and it was anything but.

p.s. the original title to this post was 'always go with your first instinct' - which was to not upgrade... but i had to change it after finishing this post.

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