Thursday, February 22, 2007

Audio vs. Video :: Which Wins?

My guess is most people will automatically assume the 'winner' in this contest. Well, if you put your chips on the big "V" - sorry to say... House wins. "A" all the way.

Audio is still the ultimate medium to convey any important issue. Or any issue, for that matter. Actually, it's really just so much more portable and applicable than video... sound is awesome.

Recently, I had a few of me best mates at mine after a great dinner at the Mint Cafe downtown. Instead of flicking on the tube we conversed and listened to some tunes ... courtesy of my beautiful new laptop, thank you very much.

It was pretty cool. Something about listening to a song as opposed to watching a video. With a song, your mind is able to make up its own visuals for the sound and music it's hearing... with a video, it's spoonfed - the visual has already been decided by someone(s)...

Proof positive is my audience right now. If I was simply watching the tube (and nothing wrong with that), I'm not sure both of the felines that share my living space would be chillin' out with me. I think they enjoy the audio over both the audio and the video (a.k.a. the Television).

I've no scientific evidence to back that up but I'm still convinced.

There's always that conversation about whatever happened 3, 4, 8, X years ago and no one's sure exactly what happened - but everyone can verify that they can place the exact song that they'd heard when it happened.

And there's something about hearing a song for the first time... or hearing an old song after a long time... that just beats the pants off watching something.


Go find an old CD, record, tape, whatever... Pop it in and give it a good listen.

You won't be disappointed


March to the Sea said...

what did you listen to?

Viszlát Sjáumst said...

March :: I deliberately omitted the particulars of which songs, artists, etc. because it wasn't about 'this group is the best' or 'this song kicks ass' .. because music is such a personal taste.

There's just about no point in debating such things. You like what you like.

But, since you asked, it was pretty much a random mix of whatever we could find through my Napster... highlighted by a mix of songs I've been enjoying as of late.

A few notables are :

Lounger by Dogs Die in Hot Cars

I Wish I Had an Evil Twin by Magnetic Fields

Down the Line and Oh Boy! by Buddy Holly (and the Crickets)

Pepper by Butthole Surfers

Not Now John by Pink Floyd name a handful

emetic sage said...

that scenario sounds pretty cool -- listening to cool tracks with some mates...

i'd be wary about putting on any "hanson", though, no matter how dreamy they are.

Viszlát Sjáumst said...

ya.. well.. as I said - you like what you like.

Hanson or Heaven's On Fire by Kiss - same difference.