Sunday, April 22, 2007

I Just Threw Out A Bunch Of Softballs This Morning, Would You Like A Few ESPN?

ESPN really sucks.

Jon Miller and Joe Morgan for the Red Sox/Yankees game.

Guys? It's 2007! Get with it.

The generic, patently insincere announcement of this game is disappointing. I understand the 'national' appeal of this match-up. I just don't understand how a network that claims to be the 'World Wide Leader' in sports coverage would allow such a dead-boring, unexcitable, incompetent, and down-right repulsive (in the sense that they turn you away from wanting to listen) pair of commentators to do this game!?


It's like listenting to my friggin' uncle talking about all the guys on his high school hockey team. Yeah, it's factual - but do I give a shit?

{well, yeah, in that case I do.. 'cuz that's my uncle. and it's a cool story. but you obviously see my point. it's like hearing one of these stories - as the commentary for an entire game. See what I mean?}

Fuck Tenure. These guys are so out of touch, I feel like tomorrow's my first day of Little League practice.

Especially now... with Papelbon looking to shut it down, 7-6 Sox. It sounds like they're describing a fishing show. Unacceptable.

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