Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Yeah, so,

before I get into it, let me just say, I love the Moss move by the Pats. it's a no-lose deal. he kicks ass, he kicks ass. he drags ass, he's out on his ass. it's that simple. and after seeing some footage and hearing some commentary - i'm looking forward to the Belichick Moss Experiment. very excited.

but the point is i am so psyched with my new tires. finally got the Jeep in for an appointment. man, wish i had done it sooner.

my tires were so bad, the whole car would shake something fierce as soon as i hit 55-63 mph. yah, it was that specific. uncontrollable to the point that, it's time. like, within the week.

so, i was just gonna get a replacement of the exact tire that came on the car from the factory. the guy at the shop tells me there's another tire, cheaper, and 'better' i could also get. couple questions answered to my satisfaction later, i'm in.

four new yokohama geolandar a/t-s tires.

driving out of that place was unbelievable. it was the smoothest ride i'd ever had in that car. at least that i could remember. the old tires had 62K+ miles on 'em. five an' a half years... so, could be that the original drives were as smooth.

i dunno... it felt like ridin' on butter - but with complete control. like there was some kinda fin coming out the undercarriage of it, stickin' into an invisible track on the road. like i was in one of those electric, trigger-controlled toy racecar things i had as a kid. but better controlled.

and i know the shopkeeper is supposed to keep you happy. make sure you think you're happy with your purchase. but two different guys commented to the like of, "hey... that's a good tire." something like that.

but something about the way they said it. i believed them. and that first and second drive on those things... can't wait to drive to work tomorrow. can't wait for some rain. can't wait for some snow. i'm dyin' to check these things out.

the smoothness, though. it's unbelievable. oh, brian. those ears. how do you? they're so soft. they're like dog ears.

that's kinda what they feel like. family guy people will know what i'm saying. others may not.

all i'm sayin' is, these new tires were worth every dime. the Jeep feels higher, like it was when i first got it, and sturdier, ditto. never underestimate the contribution of a good tire. on any vehicle.

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