Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Couple of Observations

I've noticed a big increase in the number of crap comments posted on my posts (what few there are).  Typically, I can tell who it was that left the comment based on user name or content.  Sometimes it takes a bit more research - but, based on the content, it's apparent that it was a) someone I know personally or b) someone who (somehow) stumbled upon this random splattering of rubbish and was genuinely commenting on the content.

The people in the "b" group are few and far between, to be sure. Nonetheless, they're more than welcome - and well appreciated.  Thank you, group "b" people!

(obviously, I well appreciate the folks in group "a" as well)

However, since the new year, I've had loads of comment "dumps" (all in some sort of Asian symbolism) and individual "spam" comments.

You know what I say to those people/machines?  Fuck you, you parasitic douches.

I really don't understand it.  Either you're trying to get some bullshit virus or spyware downloaded - or you're trying to get people to link to your site and buy some sort of crap product.  In either case, you suck.

You think you're clever.  You think you may get one over on someone.  Truth is, you're not clever.  Nor are you a success in getting one over.  What it means is, you're a fucking loser.

There's no debating that.

I'm well aware this will do nothing to stop the process (and may even attract more, though I'm suspicious whether the content is ever read to begin with).  I just wanted to whinge about the fact that these assholes exist.

And the fact that they suck bollocks.

Another observation I've had: I much prefer Kari Byron on Mythbusters than her maternity leave replacement, Jessi Combs.  Nothing against Jessi.  I simply prefer Kari:

After all, who said science has to be boring?


wayne said...

i like your style mate good for you , dont take shit from no one ,you whine on all ye like , me on the other hand have the opposite problem , i cdont have any one following or leaving comments so any type of traffic right now is good traffic for me anyway ,i've always liked the word bollox i think we (the irish) ormaybe it was the english invented that or maybe iam wrong "BOLLOX" .



Alices Wonderland said...

I am in category "B" (the accidental stumbler). So, yay me.

I like this blog post so much bashing blog spammers I no longer feel the need to write it myself.

Thank you for the eloquent post summing up exactly how I feel about those f$#@%ers.

Lauralaie said...

I concur abuot Kari, much better than her replacement.

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DanielPhillips. said...

Hello I would like to comment on your observations. :D

I am in group "b" I am an accidental stumbler and the big guiness picture took my eye .. perhaps something to do with me being Irish and all, and that spot looks familiar.

So I just thought I would share my thoughts with you. However -

To what you said "fuck you" there will be no Asian symbols in my post, I will not be trying to sell you anything.

Just me letting you know that I am going to follow your blog AND the fact that I would be very appreciative of you if you would take a look at mine and be so kind as to follow me.

I understand you may now be telling me to "fuck off" but as I have taken the time to write this and not use Asian symbolism or try to sell you something then I don't think what I have asked is a big deal.

Cheers, Audios, Tschüss, Dan.

ishmael said...

i too am a 'bravo'.

but i dig on it: science is sexy - check this out:

not mine, but i posted it as it was a very prudent observation. happy pre-good-friday-thursday( cuz thursday is the new friday. much like glittery spandex is the new pink.


Anonymous said...
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Shirley E Hardy said...

I too am someone who stumbled upon your blog. I don't have anyone following me yet but have had a few people comment on my posts. I haven't had any spammers though leaving comments.

Actually I became interested in your recent ramblings about spammers, and good for you! I just couldn't stop reading your blog post. Its like a good book you just can't put down until its finished. Whinge all you like, mate, as eventually it will get the message across.

I saw a widget somewhere about how to prevent spammers on one's site. I'm still trying to find it but when I find it I'll send you the details. Us honest bloggers have to stick together.

Lydia said...
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Alices Wonderland said...

*+*++small giggles*+*+*+*+ about the spammers who were still ballsy enough to hit even this post.

Anonymous said...

We need to figure out how to redirect all the suicide bombers to attack spammers. That's what I call a genuine win-win arrangement!

Professor Howdy said...

This is a "b" comment:O)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Jeremy from We Took The Bait said...

You will not prompt to me, where I can read about it?
So happens. Let’s discuss this question.

My spam comments all seem to be from Russia. And worded like that. They're annoying, yet strangely entertaining. I am assured. Write me in PM for we will communicate.

Also, is the gal in the picture Kari Byron? I'd like to bust her myths, if you know what I mean...

Joe Hero said...

Not being a lesbian I perhaps don't appreciate Kari in quite the same way, but agree she is very attractive. However, I couldn't find a comparable picture of Jessi Combs; you might find it helps readers to compare, if you could find one. Hope you find this suggestion helpful.
I too am getting dumps of Asian characters on my blog, but this was following my commenting extremely negatively about another blog. Being extremely negative, it's what I do. I have no followers yet, but I am not surprised, since blogging seems overwhelmingly for vomit-promotingly 'nice' people.
Death to spammers, advertisers, the politically correct, and politicians everywhere.