Thursday, April 29, 2010

Breakin' (In) 2 - Electric Boogaloo


I'm shocked and awed by the number of comments I've received on my last couple of posts.  Something tells me that I'm not paying attention.  There has to be some sort of new link system or whatever that sends people to different blogs.

I'm appreciative of the legitimate bloggers and readers that have left comments:  [Wayne; Alices Wonderland; Lauralaie; DanielPhillips; ishmael; Shirley E Hardy; Dave Bennett; Professor Howdy]

Thank you all.  As surprised that I am there are that many new 'readers', thank you.  I don't post often but that's my own personal quirk.  I'm hoping to change that.  Welcome.  However, there were still some questionable comments left on my last post that seemed a bit dubious.  I deleted them.  Sue me.

I suppose I'm just not cool with people taking advantage of other people's work for self-promotion disguised as admiration.  If you leave a comment unrelated to the topic and directing people to another blog or site, you're a douche.

I'm not sure who - or what - owns "blogger" these days (note to self: look into that) but I've had mega comments recently and I only make note of it because it's completely different from the response I've seen in the previous 4 years I've been posting nonsense here.

On one hand, I'm glad that people out there are reading my blog.  On the other hand, it seems it's becoming something to look out for - if I'm going to be continuously battling spam comments and bullshit content, I may be better off going elsewhere...

Anyway, that's to suss another day.


The subject of this post is the fact that my neighbor's house was broken into yesterday.

As I arrived home around 7:40 p.m. yesterday, I noticed a load of police cars jammed into the driveway of my immediate neighbor.  Four or five of them were packed in - three in the driveway, two on the road... It was quite disconcerting.

I had no sooner finished my dinner (a take-away sandwich from the shop up the street) when a policeman rapped on my door.

Answering the door, the officer asked me if I'd noticed anything 'out of the ordinary' that morning.  Unfortunately, I hadn't.

There would've been nothing better for me than if I was able to say, "yeah, I saw a couple of suspect dudes in such-and-such a vehicle that I didn't quite get."  However, I hadn't seen anything - or, at least, nothing I remembered.

The officer mentioned that a neighbor across the street saw a silver (or grey?) pick-up truck and asked if I had seen the same.  I hadn't.

I feel for my neighbors, as they've just only moved in within the past 3-8 months.  My bad for not knowing exactly when they'd arrived.

However selfishly, my concern goes towards whether my home is the next target or not.  I've made it through day one, post-neighbor-break in, and I'm feeling pretty good.  My house is a bit more 'visible' when it comes to the immediate neighborhood... but it's still a bit freaky, all things considered.

So, for now, things are good... for me, anyway.  I'm not happy that my neighbors have had this happen to them but, in the sense of personal preservation, I'm glad that it wasn't me dealing with the aftermath.

Perhaps this will inspire me to make acquaintance with my (recently) new neighbors... and we can work together on keeping our shared place more safe.


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