Thursday, May 15, 2008

And Down the Stretch They Come!

Another week, another step closer to making the break for good. The lease on the old apartment officially terminates next Tuesday - 20 May. (Cue Barenaked Ladies?) Things are on track for just a few more stops and 'old' becomes 'OLD', capital done.

The first piece of forwarded mail arrived at the new house today, which was a relief. I filed a change-of-address form on-line and was wondering where all my mail was. After checking the USPS site earlier this week, I was relieved to see that it usually takes 7-10 mail-days for the forwarding to take place. That explains the absence up 'til today. It should start flowing in like mad, now.

Tonight was book-keeping night, as I made a few more address changes for my banks and credit cards. I was relieved to receive my new car registration in the mail (and all-important sticker) with my new address intact, as well.

What also arrived in the mail, which kinda freaked me out a bit, was my first mortgage coupon. Holy crap! I've bought a flippin' house... That's it - no turning back, now. Why didn't anyone warn me!?

It's all good - but seeing that coupon, with that new monthly payment amount on it... aye-yi-yi! It'll be an interesting few months this summer as I adjust to the new budget. After seeing it in black-and-white, I know a few of the genius plans I had for this summer will probably be put on hold for a while.

Outside of that, things are absolutely swell. The house is still awash with boxes and debris that needs to be put away - but I've got all summer to do that (and it'll cost me nothing!)

No pics tonight; got going too late but I wanted to put something down to keep the post streak alive. Three Thursdays in a row. Gotta be a record for me, yeah?

More to come soon enough...

Oh, just one non sequitur - that song in the new Heineken TV adverts is quite catchy.


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